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Chartering your own aircraft from your local airport allows you to get closer to your destination faster and more efficiently with more airport options than standard commercial travel. 


Benefits of Chartering your own Aircraft

  • Minimize time spent traveling which offers your executives and clients increased productivity.

  • Avoid the hassle and stress of commercial airline travel.

  • Skip the crowds and long lines. 

  • Best value in regional travel.

  • Roomier and more comfortable than commercial aircraft.


Fresh Air Aviation has several aircraft options to fit your travel needs. The Beechcraft Queen Air is a cabin class aircraft that offers cruising speeds up to 215 mph. You can be in Chicago in just over an hour while offering a variety of seating configurations accommodating up to eight passengers in leather seated comfort and style. The Queen can also easily access other locations such as St. Louis, Atlanta, Minneapolis, and New York. Depart from your local airport - Charlevoix, Traverse City, Harbor Springs, Mackinac Island, and Cadillac for example. 


The Partenavia is excellent aircraft choice to travel within Northern Michigan and Great Lakes region. It can accommodate 4-5 adult passengers with a cruising speed of 165 mph and provides easy access to locations such as Mackinac Island, Green Bay, Chicago, Kalamazoo, Detroit and beyond. 


Our highly experienced team at Fresh Air Aviation is here to assist you with your travel needs such as trip planning, catering, and ground transportation. So if your ready for a change, call on the team you can trust. Let Fresh Air Aviation give you wings!


For more information please call us at 231-237-9482 or fill out our contact form below.

Chartering your own aircraft from your local airport allows you to get closer to your destination faster and more efficiently with more airport options than standard commercial travel. 


Are you a sports fan? Would you like to be at the game instead of in front of your TV? Looking for an action packed adventure? How about a sport escape to Detroit and other cities for the “Big Game”. It’s easy! Envision where and when you would go if you had your own dream plane. Simply call Fresh Air Aviation to make your dream come alive. Serving Northern Michigan including the Charlevoix, Harbor Springs, and Traverse City regions.


For more information please call us at 231-237-9482 or fill out our contact form below.

Fresh Air is introducing what we call “Comfort Care Flights”.  Think of these as a charter flight but with extra pampering and attention when an unexpected situation dictates that you have to fly urgently day or night.  Life’s situations are stressful enough.  Let us at Fresh Air Aviation help you take the pressure off your travel needs during these special times.  Here’s how it works and what we have to offer.

The first step is the realization that you need to be somewhere NOW.  Time is of the essence.  Be it a business, family or health reason and you feel that sooner is better than later to get to where you need to go, you call us at Fresh Air Aviation for assistance.  Our mission is to expeditiously move you from Charlevoix or Beaver Island to or from your destination of choice in a style and fashion that will keep you safe, comfortable and stress free.  Each situation is different and demands our special attention.  Your flight will be custom to both your needs and the capabilities of Fresh Air Aviation to provide this service.  On your end we will review with you the following.


  • Your timeline.  When do you need to go from A to B.

  • Your situation at hand.  Is it strictly a time sensitive nature or is someone not feeling well or perhaps pregnant and feeling a bit anxious?  As long as you are not under the direct care of Emergency Medical Services we can usually help you.  Please know that we are not at this time an Air Ambulance service provider nor are we associated with any medical care provider.

  • Your mobility issues.  Is someone needing to travel that has mobility issues?  Are they perhaps in a wheel chair unable to walk?


On our end we will need to determine our availability to provide this service based upon the following:


  • Weather.  Are the conditions that we need to operate legally and safely available and/or forecasted to be flyable at time of flight?

  • Flight Crew availability.

  • Aircraft availability.


Under most circumstances we can handle your needs.  A few minutes of your time on the phone is all we need to assess our situation together and come up with a plan that works best for YOU.

Our P68C aircraft will handle many of your transport needs.  If the situation is very demanding be it related to severe weather, timing requirements or mobility issues then our luxurious Queen Air may be the aircraft of choice for you.  She (The Queen) is certified to operate in icing conditions and has full on board weather detection including LIVE radar. She is fast. Charlevoix to Chicago in one hour.  She is accessible.  If you are in a wheel chair we can wheel you directly into the aircraft adjacent to your seat that you will be transferred to for your flight.  The Queen Air has a fully convertible deluxe leather interior meaning a person in a leg cast for example can have up to seven (yes that’s 7) feet of leg room! 

Bottom line is that Fresh Air Aviation is here to serve YOU. We will do everything we can including the cancellation of other flights, bringing on additional crews etc. to make your life easier and your Comfort Care Flight a reality.  

During normal business hours call our office at 231-237-9482 or after hours Keith at 231-675-4734 or Rachel at 231-675-5391 for more information.

Fresh Air Aviation is saving you money again by bringing low price air fare tools to big charter flying.  Working closely with our clients, Sky Share enables us to connect you with others with like charter needs.  Much like “sharing a cab”, Sky Share is a wonderful way to lower your travel expense all the while raising the bar on your flight experiences.Getting started is easy and costs you nothing.  Simply click on the following link to sign up for our Sky Share email alert list. We will send those on this list alerts when Sky Share opportunities become available. See something you like there?  Call us and we will provide you with the additional information to help you make your charter flying dream become a reality at a price that will make you smile.Sky Share.  It’s simple.  It saves.Click following link to sign up for the Sky Share Email list 

Everything revolves around you. The flight schedule. The service. The convenience.

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