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 Mackinac Island Flights

Your most reliable and experienced choice for air travel!

NOW OFFERING - Text and email alerts for weather and flight updates - please click button above to sign up!


Business, group, or high volume pricing options are available - call for details!

Mackinac Island Fares from St. Ignace - *3 seat min airfare 

Prices effective 6/1/2024

Fly Right!



2-9 years old


30 lbs or more






Please Call!





Please Call!

Extra Bag.

Over 40 lbs


Oversize fees may apply



Min. $2.50 charge & oversize fees may apply


Space Available 


Each Way - Space available only - recommend renting on the island

* Note depending on the size or volume your freight may not be guaranteed to fly with you.*


* Flights are scheduled by demand or if you need a flight right away and the current flights can not accommodate we can add      additional flights with a 3 seat minimum fare. *


At Fresh Air we only utilize twin engine aircraft allowing us to greater enhance safety, reliability, and dependability! 

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